Village of Granton Water Department

Department Head: Jared Thomas (715) 238-7339

Department Operator: Josh Opelt (715) 238-7339

The Granton Water Department is committed to providing the best in water service. The water is pumped from two locations in townto our wellhouses. After going through an air stripping tower; the water is treated with liquid chlorine for disinfection, and pumped into the mains where it reaches the service lines, and into our residents’ homes.

The Department cares for the maintenance of our water facilities and metering equipment. Water meters are read every quarter; in March, June, September, and December; and changed every ten years. We operate one tower.

Helpful things to know

*When water meters malfunction it is almost always in the favor of the customer.
*The biggest culprit of excessive water use is the household toilet.
*The Granton Water Department is responsible for the water meters and water up to the curb stop. (not in between or past the meter)